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Opened: 2015

Cuisine: Hummusiya

Locations: 1 Philadelphia location - TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO EXPAND NEXT-DOOR!

Website: dizengoffhummus.com

Named for one of Tel Aviv's most iconic streets, Dizengoff first landed stateside in Philadelphia in the Summer of 2014, modeled on the hummus stalls (hummusiyas) found around every corner in Israel.

And just like in Israel, Dizengoff serves freshly-made hummus (heavy on the tehina) - topped with rotating seasonal garnishes like hot spiced lamb with pine nuts or avocado with harissa - accompanied by fresh, hearth-baked pita, chopped salad, and Israeli pickles. Lemonnana (Israeli-style frozen mint lemonade) and local craft beer wash down a vibrant and healthful meal that is a staple of every slice of Israeli society - from cab drivers to lawyers, cops to criminals, and politicians to students.

There's no cheaper ticket to Israel than a trip to Dizengoff!