Inspired by the journey of the Jewish people from their ancestral homeland to the Diaspora, Abe Fisher pays homage to centuries of tradition, while embracing the idea that cultural exchange places cuisine in a continuous state of evolution.

The nightly menu that pulls together centuries-old flavors from Montreal to Budapest to Brooklyn that both modernizes and elevates the long-familiar classics of Jewish soul food. Nowhere is this effort more rewarded than in the now signature dish – the Montreal Short Ribs – which Food Republic referred to as "smoked meat nirvana".

Abe Fisher was born in 1915 on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Over a lifetime that lasted nearly a century, Abe lived many adventures, from Whiskey bootlegger to Cadillac dealer. But no matter how far he roamed, his heart (and his appetite) always returned to the steamy delis, bialy bakers, pickle pushers and knish carts of his childhood.

Abe was rarely seen without a crisply tailored suit and proper fedora. And despite a steady diet of gribenes, chopped liver and kishke, his waistline remained unchanged from when he was a teenager. Abe attributed his good health and longevity to a glass of pickle juice every morning and a martini and cigar every night before bed. He is survived by this restaurant.

Opened: 2015
Cuisine: American Jewish
Chef: Mario Juarez
Location: 1623 Sansom St., Philadelphia