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– over a year ago

Radical Hospitality and the Rooster Soup Co.

If you could help someone who really needed it just by buying yourself lunch, would you do it?

Today, in collaboration with Broad Street Hospitality Collaborative, Federal Donuts launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 of startup capital to lease, build out, supply and staff Rooster Soup Co., a Philadelphia restaurant serving the best soup you’ve ever had.

Using the backs and bones from air-chilled, raised without antibiotics Federal Donuts chickens, we can make truly bad-ass chicken stock upon which to base a bevy of soups – with the profit from each bowl of soup going directly to Broad Street Hospitality Collective, to provide a meal and essential services to our fellow Philadelphians.

We have facts and figures, but first… Please turn up your speakers and watch the movie that explains it all.