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Percy Street Now Serving Whole Brisket Dinners

Was there ever a time in your life when you were eating some tender, smoky sliced brisket with a rosy-red smoke ring and you thought, “The only way this could be better would be if I had the entire brisket in front of me.

Well, pine no longer, Percy Street Barbecue will feed your need.  Chef Erin O’Shea brines a whole 6-8 lb. Creekstone Farms beef brisket for 24 hours, and then slow-smokes it to perfection for our brand-new Whole Brisket Dinner.  This feast feeds 6 to 8 hungry humans, and comes complete with an array of off-menu dishes to round out the beefy bonanza. Give us 48 or more hours’ notice to smoke a brisket just for you by calling the restaurant to reserve, 215-625-8510.

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Check out a sample menu, below.

Percy Street Barbecue Whole Brisket Sample Menu 
$225 + tax & tip, serves 6 to 8 
French onion dip + veggies
Country Ham with buttermilk biscuits, green tomato jam
Fried Oysters with Surry sausage butter
Border Springs Farm Lamb Ribs braised with Yards root beer
Whole Smoked Creekstone Brisket with pickles, onion, pecan mustard, sauerkraut and potato buns
Coconut cake with lemon curd