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NOW OPEN: FedNuts West

FedNuts West opened this morning at 7am. Located at 3428 Sansom Street on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, the new location has a bevy of fresh flavors for the West Philadelphia community.

Our signature twice-fried chicken ($9 half chicken, $17 whole) now comes in five new flavors exclusive to the West shop.  Try crispy dry seasonings like spicy Buffalo Ranch, or get falafel flavor on a drumstick with Moussa spice. Furikake may sound strange, but it’s as common in Japan as salt and pepper is in the US — a blend of toasted sesame seeds, bonito flakes and nori seaweed.  Sauce lovers should order new Pad Thai with cracked peanuts and Sweet Soy Garlic glazes on their chicken for a full-flavored experience. Fried Chicken ordering begins every day at 11am through sell-out or 7pm, whichever comes first.

Two new fancy donuts ($2 each or $20/dozen) also premiered this morning.  Marshmallow Marshmallow brings the campfire to you with toasted marshmallow glaze and torched mini marshmallow topping.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry is just what it sounds like, in donut form. Find other fancy favorites at West: Cookies & Cream, Crumberry, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt, and Sticky Bun await.

If you dig Hot Freshness, our latest seasoned sugars are going to light your fryer. Orange Dream is like a Creamsicle donut, while rich Chocolate Peanut Butter is a two-napkin affair. Cinnamon Brown Sugar is so popular in Center City we ported it over the river. Get yours hot and fresh for just $1.25 each or $11 a dozen and share with the whole fam.

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