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Ed Rendell Backs Rooster Soup Co. with Special ED-ible Donut

     PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Honorable Ed Rendell is meeting with his Fancy Advisors for the Weekly Donut Strategy Session when he is presented with a challenge: to create a donut so special that could have a significant impact on hunger and homelessness in Philadelphia. The Fancy Donut Commission’s top-secret findings will shock and appetize you.


     On Tuesday, July 1, all four Federal Donuts stores will debut the Guv’s custom-made ED-ible Donut,  a red velvet Fancy with cream cheese frosting.The ED-ible donut will retail for $3 (plus tax) and net proceeds will benefit Rooster Soup Co. 

     On June 11, Federal Donuts and Broad Street Hospitality Collaborative launched a Kickstarter to raise $150,000 in startup capital to open Rooster Soup Co., a philanthropic restaurant. Using Federal Donuts’ un-needed chicken backs, we propose to make superlative chicken stock and provide it at no cost to Rooster Soup Co., which will turn it into a variety of delicious soups to sell. Rooster’s net profits will then fund Broad Street Hospitality Collaborative, who provide meals, essential services, and community to the most vulnerable Philadelphians.

     The ED-ible Donut will be available through Saturday, July 26th, the last day to back Rooster Soup Co. on Kickstarter.