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CookNSolo at Degustibus New York City

You must travel up seven sets of escalators whose ages increase with the altitude to find Degustibus, tucked into a corner of the sprawling Macy’s Herald Square.* The New York City cooking school has been hosting chefs from Julia Child and Jacques Pepin to Tom Colicchio and Einat Admony for more than 30 years, a durability not due to luck or coincidence. Dynamo owner Sal Rizzo is hospitality come to life, and when he invites you to teach at his school, you pack the car full of chickpeas and fresh duck and hit the turnpike for Manhattan.

Fearless leaders Steve Cook and Mike Solomonov took to the Degustibus kitchen stage on Wednesday, March 19 to demonstrate a range of dishes representing Zahav, Percy Street Barbecue, Federal Donuts and upcoming Dizengoff and Abe Fisher. With teamwork as smooth as the best tehina, Ameral and the Degustibus crew served the hungry learners a multi-course tasting of all things CookNSolo while Mike and Steve taught the tricks and techniques that will set your cooking apart.

Hot Tips

According to Mike Solo, “the key to a perfect pilaf is patience. That and using enough fat.”

“Ladies & gentleman, I think we should start, because sparkling wine waits for no one.” – Sal Rizzo

“If ever in Denmark, don’t miss the hot dogs.” – Emmy, Degustibus office manager

CookNSolo at Degustibus

March 19, 2014

Montreal Smoked Short RibsAbe Fisher

Challah pretzel, Manischewitz mustard, radish kraut

Hummus Masbacha and Pita - Dizengoff

Green chickpeas

Korean Fried Chicken BiscuitsPercy Street Barbecue, Federal Donuts

Dill pickle glaze, swiss cheese

Duck and Foie Gras Kebabs - Zahav

Carrot-saffron rice, huckleberry sauce, pistachios

Bacon and Egg Cream - Abe Fisher

Chocolate mousse


*The Biggest Store in the World, according to Sal, who should know.